The Best Golf GPS Watches In 2021

Best golf GPS watches in 2020 are definitely worth buying. If you think of playing every hole at different routes like if you play regularly, that you know just like the back of your glove . That’s why these golf watches pack GPS – perform like Google Maps for each route you go. Known names like Garmin, Bushnell and SkyCaddie are putting an effort to enhance this tech, which makes it easier to select the proper club for each shot. However, you will be required to beat the ball to the right course.

Knowledge is power and power is knowledge, as they assert , and does not differ when it involves golf. When you figure out exactly how far away you’re standing from the pin, regardless of where you’re , then you’ll be creating a more knowledgeable decision on which club is going to be useful to you and also for swinging. Moreover, a golf GPS watch could create the differences between an ideal shot and that which will costs you another swing.

Essentionally, the golf watch removes plenty of burden take from your mind so that you can keep yourself relaxed and determined. It does this job after summing up hits of you, in certain cases, therefore you don’t need to worry about your score. Advanced models even record the details of your swing and a very few recommends about how you’ll brings improvements to the game in a professional way. If you’ve invested in any popular clubs , golf GPS watch are explosive devices that can take your game to a next level.

Garmin Approach S20, GPS Golf Watch

Top-rated golf GPS watch from Garmin, the Garmin Approach S20 which is among the most imposingly designed watches on our Best Golf GPS Watches In 2020 list – the display seems like one of the Apple devices as well as the strap is filled with little holes in a way to make it breathable. Just like the other Garmin products in the list, it holds a range of powerful features. Regarding to golf tech, it’s Garmin’s Autoshot and Greenview features, also as accurate GPS technology, so that you can drop pins on the map and prevent from sharp routes and layovers.

It’s also compatible along with your phone and can receive your notifications as well, also consists of activity tracking features of the Garmin other products. Another great all-rounder from Garmin. If you love buying home appliances , then you should definitely check our portable airconditioners review for more great watches like this.

Key Features:

  • High-resolution
  • Comfortable adjustable strap
  • High Multimedia access
  • Big display sizes


  • BrandPlayBetter
  • Weight 15.5 ounces

Garmin Approach X40, GPS Golf Band and Activity Tracker

Garmin as a GPS is a known manufacturer. During late 90s and 2000s,it was popular for in-car Satnav equipment, so it clearly shows that the corporation now branched out its way into the golf GPS watches industry. The Garmin ApproachX40 is all-in-one golf GPS watch and activity tracking tool. It holds in more than 40,000 routes inside its system, also a heart-rate monitor, step counter, and can count calorie as well .

Garmin has introduced two different type of new tech for its golf watches called as Greenview and Autoshot: Greenview technology that shows you accurate distances to the route from your position, and Autoshot gives you brief details about the shot. By which you can collect the data to improve your game.

Key Features:

  • Cool lightweight design
  • Quickly doubles as a personal chronometer
  • Automatic tracking feature
  • Measures strike accuracy and other features most accurately


  • BrandPlayBetter
  • Weight11.2 ounces

GolfBuddy GB9 WTX+ Smartwatch Golf GPS

The GolfBuddy GB9 + SmartWatch Golf GPS is a decent and fast touch screen golf watch with sensitive interface which makes it an everyday lifestyle watch. It is filled with over 38,000 courses as well as worldwide updated green views and distance readings in reference to your position. it is functioned to quickly understand both the course and the hole as automatically display distances of all the areas around the green. Beside these innovative features, the dangerous distance, and attributes are recognized with great yardage.

Focusing on its usability, the watch screen is bright and user-friendly under the bright sunlight. The best part is Its battery power that offers you a full round of golf without getting consumed to half its extent onceit is completely charged. When it come to the fit, it is lightweight, slim as well as comfortable to wear all day.

Key Features:

  • Elegant and fast touch screen
  • Filled with more than 38,000 courses
  • Compliant with USGA and R&A regulations
  • A bright screen to see items easily even in bright sunlight


  • BrandGolfBuddy
  • ModelGB9
  • Weight 8.8 ounces

Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS Watch

If you’re willing spend your money on an expensive watch along with its well built features, then you got to think about the Garmin Approach S60 watch. Essentionally, it is twice as expensive as the other watches on our Best Golf GPS Watches In 2020 list, but honestly it’s one among the most ideal golf GPS watches and you can’t resist buying it . First thing to focus on is its elegant look– it comes with white band with a mesmerizing 1.2” display (Huge) and bright to see items easily even in bright sunlight .

Moving toward its golf tech. just like the Garmin Approach X40 watch, it has Greenview and Autoshot so that you can review distances and your current shot information. Moreover, on top of it, there’s a PinPointer which is a compass to line up shots; Swing Analysis, providing you with data to improve your hit; and Touch Targeting, with the help of it you can measure the distance to fixed points on the green. Basically, it’s almost everything you would desire to have to take your golf to a higher level.

Key Features:

  • 40,000+ worldwide routes
  • Greenview,Autoshot, PinPointer and others
  • Garmin Golf app facility
  • Activity tracking system


  • BrandPlayBetter
  • Weight1.76 ounces

Tomtom Golfer 2 Gps Watch

TomTom is another corporation name similar to in-car Satnav. You might not be surprised then, that they produce cheap solid golf watch too . The TomTom Golfer 2 is designed with a smart hit detection system that records your shots so that you can analyze your ability automatically. It also consist of a hazard view recognizing system, keeping you shielded from bunkers and water, and an automatic scorecard, so you don’t need to fiddle with pencils and paper all the time. Just like the Garmin watches it also contsist of over 40,000 international routes, and allows you to sync your data along with your smartphone. You will be able to take your game another level and it proves that TomTom watch is the most satisfying product on our Best Golf GPS Watches In 2020 list.

When it comes to well-designed and stylish watch, the TomTom Golfer 2 can go with any of your golf outfits. It is designed for comfortable wear and has impressive features according to the price and making an excellent golf gift for your closed ones too.